The Lifespan of an Elevator

The Lifespan of an Elevator

Maybe some people are wondering on how many years will an elevator last. Its owners would want to get an idea so that they will be able to be aware of their investments if they are worth it. Since elevators are pretty expensive, it is only fair for its owners to maximize its use as much as possible.

elevator maintenance systems

Also, by knowing the lifespan of those lifts, a concrete plan could be made. This results in a better overall functioning hence not compromising any services that it can provide.

It might be really hard to guess the exact timeline of how long should an elevator last at least for the new ones. This is because every elevator has its own built and components meaning every elevator is different. There are various elevator manufacturers that’s why they build their products based on their methodologies.

Most Important Rule

By knowing the lifespan of an elevator, you are giving a guarantee of utmost safety to users. The most common regulation regarding elevators is that once the unit has been running for 2 decades already, it is suggested that the unit will undergo modernization.

Every time an elevator reaches such age, the wear and tear of its components will be significantly evident. Efficiency drops once an elevator reached this point that is why proper maintenance planning must be implemented.

Modernization is one component that should not be taken for granted. Once this modernization is put into priority, you can expect lesser maintenance costs.

Lifespan Expectation

Although we cannot give an accurate timeline on when an elevator will break down, there are projections on how long that an elevator will last. In this part of the article, let us try to break down them below.

15 Years

Once the elevator has reached this age, the most visible effect will be on its cab interior. Once it is neglected, the efficiency and comfort will suffer a lot. Also, be observant about the elevator call station as well

20 to 25 Years

Once an elevator has been already operating for 2 decades, there are more replacements to be made. Examples of it are the controller and dispatcher of your unit. You must also be mindful of the hoist rails as the alignment might be compromised already.

The hydraulic piston is worthy of inspection as well. You have two choices, it is either due for replacement or re-sleeve work. Moreover, expect that the shaft doors will have a lifespan of at least 20 to 30 years prior to replacement. This is still subject for change depending on the frequency of usage.

30 Years

When an elevator has already been used for 3 decades or even more, the machine itself and the electrical components of it must be replaced. The good thing is that the electrical switchgear could last even more than half a century. While the most fascinating thing is that the elevator shaftway has an unlimited lifespan. Most probably, it will only break down if there is an intention to do so.

Why take the guidelines seriously?

When it comes to elevators, the guidelines are clear. This includes the maintenance schedule and the necessary repairs of the components when necessary. Taking the important procedures on the elevator could mean shorter lifespan.

Modernization is the immediate answer when it comes to poorly maintained elevators. As much as possible, it must be done immediately to avoid the problems from worsening.


Elevators are the champs when it comes transporting people and goods from one floor to another. However, only a few owners know how to maintain them properly. This results in smooth and flawless operation of the elevator thus eliminating instances of delays. It only entails that we must treat elevators just like the normal cars that we have,which needs thorough care for them to last.


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